Be into something

Most Important Level 1

"to be into something"

Meaning: to be interested in something

Similar Expressions
  • I am into cars.
  • I am interested in cars.
  • I like cars.
When do we use it?

We use this phrase to show what we or other people are interested in. It tells what a person likes or what their hobby is.
  • I am into cooking.
  • She is into history.
  • We are into soccer.
"Be into somebody" means to like a person romantically like a person loves or wants to date somebody.
  • I think Mark is into you.
How do we use it?

We can use a noun or a gerund after this phrase.
  • I am into baseball.
  • Are you into horror movies?
  • He is into fixing old computers.
  • Is he into working out?
Example English Conversations

A) What are you into these days?
B) I am really into poker these days. I play almost every day online.
A) I'm not sure that is a good thing to be into.

A) Are you into art?
B) To be honest, I am not. I don't really have any interest in art.

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