Blow somebody away

Most Important Level 3

"something blows somebody away" / "to be blown away by…"

Meaning: to amaze, surprise, or astonish somebody with something or some action

Similar Expressions
  • Their kindness blew me away.
  • Their kindness astonished me.
  • Their kindness touched me.
  • Their kindness was amazing.
  • Their kindness was unbelievable.
When do we use it?

We use this idiom to describe a situation when a person feels a strong emotion because of something or another person's words or actions. This idiom is very strong and expresses a strong reaction from the person.

We usually this expression to talk about positive reactions.
  • I was blown away by how clean the city was.
  • The movie blew her away.
However, it is possible to use the same idiom for a negative thing.
  • He was so rude and unkind. It blew me away.
  • I was blown away by how dirty and old the city was.
How do we use it?

We can use this idiom in active or passive sentences. These two sentences have the same meaning.
  • The movie blew me away. (Active Sentence)
  • I was blown away by the movie. (Passive Sentence)
Example English Conversation

A) All the students shaved their heads to support their classmate with cancer.
B) That is so kind of them. What great kids!
A) I know. I was blown away when I saw it. I almost cried.

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