Cannot go without

Most Important Level 2

"cannot go without something" / "cannot go a day without something"

Meaning: to need a particular thing in order to live, work, go, or do something else

Similar Expressions
  • I can't go a day without chocolate.
  • I can't live without chocolate.
  • I can't survive without chocolate.
When do we use it?

We often use this expression to show that we really like something. We are saying that if we do not have it or if we cannot do it, then we will die. This is not true; it is just an exaggeration.
  • I can't live without this TV show.
  • She can't live without coffee.
We can use this phrase in a literal or real way that shows we need something to live, or when we are actually talking about going somewhere.
  • Humans cannot go without water for more than a couple days.
  • We cannot go to the party with Jamie.
How do we use it?

If there is a time or place, then we can put it after the verb "to go" or at the end of the sentence. We can use a noun or gerund after "without".
  • I cannot go for an hour without checking my phone.
  • I cannot go without checking Facebook for more than a day.
  • She can't go for 10 minutes without looking at herself in the mirror.
  • Workers can't go in this area without permission from management.
Example English Conversations

A) You must really love those candies. I always see you eating them.
B) Honestly, I can't go a day without them. I am addicted to them.

A) My mother can't go a weekend without playing Candy Crush.
B) Those online games are addicting. I can understand.

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