Most Important Level 4

"to be a cheapskate" / "Don't be a cheapskate."

Meaning: a person who is unwilling to spend money and who is not generous with their money

Similar Expressions
  • He is a cheapskate.
  • He is cheap.
  • He is stingy.
  • He is not generous.
  • He is a scrooge.
When do we use it?

This is a negative word. We use it when a person is too selfish with their money. This could be when they avoid paying their fair share or they are not generous or kind with their money.

Being called a "cheapskate" is not a good thing. The words "thrifty" and "frugal" are more positive ways to say that a person is very careful with their money.

How do we use it?

We usually use this after a "be verb".
  • He is a cheapskate.
  • Mary is a cheapskate.
  • Don't be a cheapskate.
We can add other words and use a few other sentence patterns.
  • He is such a cheapskate.
  • She is a big cheapskate.
  • What a cheapskate!
Example English Conversation

A) Greg is such a cheapskate.
B) What did he do?
A) We ordered a pizza together and we both ate 4 pieces. But he said that my pieces were bigger, so I should pay more.
B) I can't believe he said that. What a cheapskate!

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