Crack somebody up

Most Important Level 2

"something cracks somebody up"/ "to be cracking up"

Meaning: to make somebody laugh

Similar Expressions
  • This show cracks me up.
  • This show makes me laugh a lot.
  • This show is hilarious.
When do we use it?

We can use this idiom when saying that something or somebody makes a person a laugh.
  • This comic book cracks me up.
We can also use it to say that a person is laughing.
  • I was cracking up when I was watching that movie.
How do we use it?

Follow this sentence pattern when saying that something or somebody is funny and makes a person or people laugh.

Subject + cracks + person + up…
  • That comedian cracks me up.
  • That movie cracked me up.
  • She always cracks me up.
Here are some example sentences when "crack up" has the same meaning as "laugh".
  • He cracked up when saw the picture.
  • The baby cracks up every time her father makes a silly face.
  • She was cracking up during the whole movie.
Example English Conversation

A) Why is everyone cracking up?
B) Mark is telling jokes again. He makes everyone crack up.

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