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"to be a disaster" / "What a disaster!"

Meaning: to be very unsuccessful or extremely bad

Similar Expressions
  • The party was a disaster.
  • The party was terrible.
  • The party was a nightmare.
When do we use it?

A disaster is a terrible event or situation that causes great harm. We use it when terrible things happen. Natural disasters are things like a hurricane, earthquake, flood, tsunami, etc.
  • The building collapsed and 500 people died. It was a major disaster.
However, we can use the word "disaster" in a different way. We can also use it to describe daily situations or things that are very bad or unsuccessful. These are not real disasters, but we use this expression to exaggerate.
  • My hair is a disaster today.
  • This project is a disaster.
  • His presentation was a disaster.
How do we use it?

We use this expression after a "be verb" or any other way that a noun is used.
  • It was a disaster.
  • I think this project will be a disaster.
  • I hope this project isn't another disaster.
Example English Conversations

A) How was your meeting?
B) It was a disaster. I forgot all my materials and I made many mistakes.

A) How was the party?
B) It was a total disaster. The food was terrible, and not that many people showed up.
A) That's too bad.

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