Double date

Most Important Level 4

"to go on a double date" / "a double date" / "to double date"

Meaning: a date in which two couples go out together

Similar Expressions
  • We should go on a double date sometime.
  • We should go out together with our girlfriends sometime.
  • We should go out together as couples.
When do we use it?

This is a common term used to describe a situation where two couples are going out together on a date.

How do we use it?

We can use this term the same as we use any other noun.
  • I don't like double dates.
  • I think double dates are fun.
  • What do you think of double dates?
  • A double date is usually fun.
We can also use it as part of a phrase "to go on a double date" or we can use it as a verb "to double date".
  • I don't like to go on double dates.
  • I like to double date.
  • We went on a double date with our friend Mark and Karen last night.
  • Do you and your wife want to double date with my girlfriend and I some time?
Example Conversations

A) I've started dating somebody recently.
B) That's great. We should double date sometime.
A) Absolutely. That would be fun.

A) What did you do last weekend?
B) Mark and I went on a double date with another couple that we know from university. It was a lot of fun.

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