Most Important Level 5

"to be a dreamer"

Meaning: a person who has big dreams and is optimistic or hopeful about the future, but usually in a way that seems unrealistic or unpractical

Similar Expressions
  • He is a dreamer.
  • He is an idealist.
  • He is an optimist.
When do we use it?

We use this word to describe a person. This has nothing to do with sleeping or actual dreams. These dreams are more like goals, ideas, or visions for the future.
  • Mark always talk about world peace. He is a dreamer.
How do we use it?

We usually use this word after a "be verb" and in other ways that nouns like this are used.
  • She is a dreamer.
  • They are dreamers.
  • He is such a dreamer.
  • What a dreamer!
Example English Conversations

A) What is your goal this year?
B) I want to help end poverty in America.
A) You mean you want to make sure that nobody is poor.
B) Yes.
A) That is a big goal. You are quite the dreamer.

A) She thinks she can solve all of the company's problems easily.
B) I guess she is a big dreamer.

A) He always talks about becoming the CEO of a major company.
B) He is a dreamer. He is not talented at all.

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