Freak out

Most Important Level 2

"to freak out" / "Don't freak out." / "I'm freaking out."

Meaning: to cause or become extremely emotional; to go crazy

Similar Expressions
  • I freaked out.
  • I went crazy.
  • I lost my mind.
When do we use it?

We can use this phrase anytime we lose control of ourselves or we act crazy. It can be because of a good thing or because of a bad thing.
  • My mother freaked out when she heard I got accepted to Harvard. (Good thing)
  • My mother freaked out when she heard that I failed the test. (Bad thing)
How do we use it?

We can use people as the subject of this phrase. It shows how the people act.
  • She freaked out when she saw her favorite singer. She started screaming and crying.
  • I freaked out when I saw all of the blood.
  • She will freak out when she sees this.
We can also use this phrase when the subject is the thing or event that made us become crazy or very emotional.
  • That movie freaked us out.
  • That sound is freaking me out.
  • The thought of losing my job freaks me out.
Example English Conversations

A) What did you think of the movie?
B) That movie really freaked me out. I screamed so many times.

A) What did your daughter do when you gave her the concert tickets?
B) She freaked out and started running around and screaming. Then she gave me a big hug. I guess she liked the gift.

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