Most Important Level 1

"I'm freezing."

Meaning: to be very cold

Similar Expressions
  • I'm freezing.
  • I'm very cold.
When do we use it?

The real meaning of "to freeze" is to turn to ice or to harden or stiffen because of the cold.
  • The water is freezing.
  • The lake is frozen.
  • It will freeze if you leave it outside in the winter.
However, we can also use "to freeze" to express that we are very cold or that something is very cold. We use this expression to exaggerate and when we want to use strong language.
  • I'm freezing! Let's go inside.
  • Your hands are freezing! Wear my gloves.
How do we use it?

We can always replace "to be very cold" with "to be freezing".
  • My hands and feet are freezing.
  • She says she is freezing.
  • It is freezing outside.
However, we can say "to feel cold", but we do not usually say "to feel freezing".
  • I feel very cold.
  • I feel freezing.
Example English Conversation

A) Are you okay?
B) No. I am freezing. Can we go inside and warm up for a while?
A) Sure. To be honest, my hands are freezing and I could use a break.

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