Go crazy

Most Important Level 2

"to go crazy" / "to make somebody go crazy"

Meaning: to start acting in a strange wild way or to be out of control

Similar Expressions
  • The girls went crazy when they saw their favorite singer.
  • The girls went nuts when they saw their favorite singer.
  • The girls started screaming and crying when they saw their favorite singer.
When do we use it?

The real meaning of "go crazy" is to become mentally ill or insane.

However, we can also use this expression to show that a person is behaving in a wild manner or that their behavior is out of control. They are not actually crazy or insane. They are just acting this way because they are very excited, angry, surprised, or some other strong emotion.
  • They went crazy when they won the lottery. They were laughing, crying and hugging each other.
  • He went crazy when he got fired. He started throwing and breaking things. The police had to come and take him away.
How do we use it?

We can use this idiom in any verb tense.
  • The soccer fans are going crazy.
  • She goes crazy whenever we talk about politics.
  • They went crazy when they heard the news.
  • He will go crazy when he finds outs.
  • My boss has been going crazy since he found out about the merger.
Example English Conversations

A) Did you daughter like her birthday present?
B) She loved it. She went crazy when she opened it. It was fun to watch.

A) The fans went crazy when they heard the show was canceled.
B) What did they do?
A) They started throwing bottles and breaking things. It was terrible and scary.

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