Go for it

Most Important Level 2

"Go for it."

Meaning: to do or try

Similar Expressions
  • Go for it.
  • Do it.
  • Try it.
  • Give it a try.
  • Give it a shot.
When do we use it?

We usually use this expression when encouraging a person to do or try something that the person is hesitant or scared to do.

A) I am thinking about starting my own company, but I am scared.
B) Go for it! I think you will succeed.

How do we use it?

We usually use this after listening to a person talk and we want to give them encouragement or courage to do something. This expression is usually used on its own as "Go for it."

A) I'm thinking about asking her out.
B) Go for it. You will never know if you don't try.

We can also use it to respond when a person asks us if they should do something and we think that they should.

A) Should I quit my job and travel the world?
B) Go for it.

We can also use this as a sentence to show what we are going to do or try.

A) Should I enter the dance contest?
B) You should definitely do it. You would be great!
A) Okay. I am going to go for it.

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