Goof around

Most Important Level 3

"to goof around"

Meaning: to joke around; to act silly and not serious

Similar Expressions
  • They goof around a lot.
  • They joke around a lot.
  • They horse around a lot.
  • They like to joke and act silly.
  • They usually don't act seriously.
When do we use it?

We can use this idiom in many different ways to show that people are acting in a joking way and not being serious.
  • They are goofing around.
  • Stop goofing around. Be serious.
  • He likes to goof around in class.
How do we use it?

In this expression, "goof" is a verb, so we can use this expression like any other verb or phrasal verb.
  • My brother and I goofed around a lot when we were young.
  • I told my son not to goof around in class today, but I don't think he will listen.
  • Why do they always goof around at work? Can't they be serious?
Example English Conversations

A) The teacher got really angry because the kids were goofing around.
B) What did the teacher do?
A) He yelled at the kids and they stopped goofing around immediately.

A) Stop goofing around and do your homework!
B) Sorry, mom.

A) It is hard for me to be serious. I like goofing around and having a good time.
B) That is good, but it is important to be serious sometimes.

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