Hang in there

Most Important Level 1

"Hang in there." / "to hang in there"

Meaning: to not give up even though something is difficult

Why does it mean that?

"Hang in there" means do not let go. Imagine you are hanging from a high place like a tree or a cliff. If you let go, then you will get hurt or die. So, "hang in there" is used to tell people not to give up and to keep trying because giving up would lead to a worse situation.

When do we use it?

We usually use this to encourage people. When somebody is in a difficult situation and they want to give up or quit, then we can use this expression to encourage them to keep going and keep trying.

In these situations, we think that it is best for the person to continue. For example, if school is very hard for your friend and they want to quit, then you should encourage them to continue because it will be better for them in the long run.

How do we use it?

This expression is often used by itself and then followed by another sentence that makes the other person feel better or gives them motivation.

A) I'm so stressed out because of these tests.
B) Hang in there. They will all be over next week.

A) This project is driving me crazy. I want to quit my job.
B) Hang in there. You will feel proud when it is all done.

A) I want to quit my job.
B) Hang in there. Remember how hard you worked to get this job.

A) I hate my life.
B) Hang in there. Things will get better. They always do.

It is possible to use this expression as part of a sentence.

A) I want to give up.
B) Hang in there and keep trying.

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