Hit the books

Most Important Level 4

"to hit the books"

Meaning: to study hard or do research

Similar Expressions
  • You need to hit the books.
  • You need to study hard.
  • You need to do some work.
  • You need to put your nose in a book.
  • You need to crack a book.
When do we use it?

This expression is just a fun way to say "study". We can use the verb "hit" in many similar expressions.
  • hit the gym = go to the gym and exercise
  • hit the books = study hard
  • hit the dance floor = to go and dance
  • hit the road = to leave
How do we use it?

Use "hit the books" after the person who is studying. Remember that the verb "hit" does not change in the past tense.
  • We need to hit the books before the test.
  • I have a test next week, so I will hit the books starting tomorrow.
  • We hit the books all last weekend.
Example English Conversations

A) What are you doing this weekend?
B) My final exams are next week, so I think I need to start studying.
A) You're right. You'd better hit the books.

A) We need to finish this report by tomorrow, but we still have a lot of research to do.
B) We need to hit the books right away.
A) You're right, but let's get some dinner first.
B) Okay. And then, we will hit the books.

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