Most Important Level 5

"to be a hothead" / "What a hothead!"

Meaning: a person who gets extremely angry easily and often; a person who loses their temper often and easily

Similar Expressions
  • She is a hothead.
  • She has a bad temper.
  • She runs hot.
  • She is an angry person.
  • She gets angry all the time.
When do we use it?

Sometimes, when people get angry, they turn red. It looks like they are getting hot. So, we can use this expression to describe a person who often gets very angry.

However, everybody gets angry sometimes. We do not use this expression for regular people who only get angry once in a while. We only use this to describe a person who gets angry often.

How do we use it?

We use this after a "be verb" and in other ways that nouns are used.
  • She is such a head.
  • What a hothead!
  • He is a real hothead.
Example English Conversations

A) I hate my boss.
B) Why is that?
A) He is such a hot head. He gets really angry about everything.

A) I'm going to kill him!
B) Don't be such a hothead. Go talk to him

A) Why did Bill get so angry?
B) He is a hothead. He gets really angry about little things all the time.
A) He really needs to learn how to control his temper.

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