Most Important Level 1

"to be a hypocrite"

Meaning: a person who says one thing or says they have a certain belief, but behaves in the opposite way

Similar Expressions
  • My boss is a hypocrite.
  • My boss is a liar.
  • My boss says one thing but does another.
When do we use it?

Here is an example. Your boss always says that hard work is the most important thing, and that everybody needs to work hard like him, but in reality, he is very lazy and always goes home first. Then, your boss is a hypocrite. He says one thing, but he actions do not match his words or beliefs.

Anytime a person does this, we can use the word "hypocrite".

How do we use it?

We usually use this term after a "be verb".
  • Sally is a hypocrite.
  • I am not a hypocrite. You are a hypocrite.
We can also use it in other ways just like any other noun.
  • Henry called me a hypocrite.
  • Nobody wants to work with a hypocrite.
  • She used to be great, but she has become a hypocrite.
Example English Conversation

A) Children often feel like their parents are hypocrites.
B) How so?
A) Well, many parents tell their children to do something, but they actually do the opposite themselves.
B) Can you give me an example?
A) Sometimes, parents tell children that watching TV is bad, but they watch tons of TV.

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