I cannot say that I have

Most Important Level 1

"I can't say I have." / "I cannot say I have."

Meaning: a set expression that means, "No, I have not."

Similar Expressions

Have you been to Australia?
  • I can't say I have.
  • No, I have not been to Australia.
  • No, I haven't.
  • No, I have never been to Australia.
When do we use it?

We can use this expression when answering a yes/no question in the present perfect tense. We can only use this expression when answering no. It is just a different way to say, "No, I have not".

A) Have you been to this restaurant?
B) I can't say I have.

A) Have you ever met her before?
B) I can't say I have.

How do we use it?

This set expression is always used on its own and it can only be used when answering a present perfect tense question. Also, we only use this expression with the subject "I".

A) Have you seen this movie before?
B) I cannot say I have.

So, don't use it when answering questions in other verb tenses and don't use it to talk about other people.

A) Did you like it?
B) I can't say I have.

A) Has he been to China before?
B) He can't say he has.

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