It rocks

Most Important Level 5

"You rock!" / "somebody rocks" / "something rocks!"

Meaning: to be amazing, great, and wonderful

Similar Expressions
  • You rock!
  • You are amazing!
  • You are the best!
When do we use it?

This is a very casual and informal way to express that we think somebody or something is amazing and wonderful.

We can use it when we are saying thank you for something.

A) Here is your computer. I fixed it.
B) Thank you so much. You rock!

We can also use it as a general expression to praise somebody or something.
  • This TV show rocks.
  • She rocks at video games.
  • This place rocks.
How do we use it?

In this expression, "rock" is being used as a verb. So, it will follow the subject of the sentence.
  • This restaurant rocks.
  • The party last night rocked.
  • I think the show will rock.
Example English Conversations

A) I can help you finish if you want.
B) Thank you so much. You rock!

A) Have you seen this movie?
B) Yes, I have. It rocks, right?

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