Most Important Level 3

"to be a jerk" / "to act like a jerk"

Meaning: a person who is not nice, rude, and stupid

Similar Expressions
  • He is an idiot.
  • He is a bad guy.
  • He is an ass.
  • He is so rude.
When do we use it?

We usually use this slang word when we think a person is rude and terrible. This is a very negative expression that shows that we do not like a person.

It can only be used to describe people and it is usually used for men.

How do we use it?

We often use it after a "be verb".
  • He is a jerk.
  • Nick is a big jerk.
  • Stop being a jerk.
We can also use this slang word with the phrase "act like".
  • He is acting like a jerk today.
  • Don't act like a jerk.
Example English Conversations

A) My boss is a jerk. He yells at everyone and is always rude.
B) That's too bad. You should quit.
A) I don't know if another job would be better. My last boss was a jerk, too.

A) Ben is such a jerk.
B) What did he do?
A) He called me ugly.
B) Wow! What a jerk!

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