Most Important Level 4

"to be a loner"

Meaning: a person who prefers to be alone and usually spends their time alone

Similar Expressions
  • She is a loner.
  • She is a lone wolf.
  • She likes to be alone.
  • She is not a people person.
When do we use it?

We use this word to describe people who spend most of their time alone and prefer to be alone.It does not have a negative or positive meaning. It depends on how the speaker's opinion and how they say it.
  • Jake is a loner. He is so cool and mysterious.
  • Why doesn't Carol come? She is such a loner. I think she is weird.
How do we use it?

We use this after a "be verb" or any other way that we use a noun.
  • Mike is a loner.
  • He is such a loner.
  • Being a loner doesn't mean you feel lonely.
Example English Conversations

A) Is Kathy a loner?
B) Kathy? Not at all. Kathy has many friends. She is very sociable.

A) I am worried about my son.
B) Why is that?
A) He is kind of a loner.
B) Maybe, that is just his style.

A) I was a loner when I was young.
B) Really? You? But you are so outgoing now?
A) I changed a lot during my twenties.

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