Most Important Level 2

"to be a nightmare" / "What a nightmare!"

Meaning: a situation, event, thing or person that is terrible and hard to deal with

Similar Expressions
  • My job interview was a nightmare.
  • My job interview was a disaster.
  • My job interview was terrible.
  • My job interview didn't go well.
When do we use it?

This expression compares something bad or hard in our real life to a bad dream. Basically, something is so awful that it seems like a bad dream (a nightmare).

We use this interesting expression to describe a bad situation, event, or thing.
  • The project was a nightmare.
  • Working at this company is a nightmare.
  • The party was a nightmare.
We can also use it to describe a person who is very difficult to work or deal with.
  • My son is a nightmare when he is sleepy. He cries and yells.
  • She is a nightmare to work with. She is not a team player.
How do we use it?

Use this expression after a "be verb" or in other ways that a noun is used.
  • My boss is a nightmare to work for.
  • My hair is a nightmare today.
  • All the flights are canceled because of the storm. What a nightmare!
Example English Conversation

A) How did your date go?
B) It was a total nightmare.
A) Why was it a total nightmare?
B) The guy was not my style and he left without telling me, so I had to pay the bill!

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