Out of it

Most Important Level 1

"to be out of it" / "to feel out of it"

Meaning: to not feel right; to feel strange or different than normal; to not be performing or acting one's normal way

Similar Expressions
  • I feel out of it today.
  • I don't feel great today.
  • I feel strange today.
  • I feel foggy today.
  • My head is cloudy today.
When do we use it?

We use this expression to talk about a temporary mental state or condition. This expression does not mean that we are sick. It means that for some reason we feel like our brain is not working normally, or we just feel different than usual.

We often use this expression when we are tired, hungover, or when we do not know why we are feeling strange.

How do we use it?

We use the phrase "out of it" after a "be verb" or after the verbs "to feel".
  • I feel out of it today. I just can't concentrate.
  • What did you say? I'm sorry, I'm out of it today.
We can also use this phrase after the verb "to look" when we are speculating about another person. This is often used when another person looks tired or does not look like their normal self.
  • You look out of it today. Are you okay?
  • He looks out of it today.
Example English Conversation

A) I slept too much yesterday and I feel out of it today.
B) That happens to me too when I get out of my normal routine. If I don't follow my normal schedule, I feel out of for a couple days.

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