People person

Most Important Level 3

"to be a people person"

Meaning: a person who is good at dealing with people and is well-liked by other people

Why does it mean that?

There are many similar expressions. For example, we can say, "I am a dog person." If I am a dog person, this means that I like dogs and I am good at dealing with dogs. It probably also means that dogs like me. So, we can apply the same thing to people.

It has a similar meaning as "good with people".

When do we use it?

We use this expression when describing ourselves or other people. It shows that a person is good at dealing with people, likes being around people, and is generally well-liked by other people. By simply saying "a people person" we can express all of this.

How do we use it?

We usually use this after a "be verb". We usually only use this expression to describe one person.
  • He is a people person.
  • She is a people person.
  • Mark is a real people person.
  • My friend Gary is a real people person, but I am not.
We could use it to describe more than one person, but this is not common because we have to repeat the word "people" twice and it sounds strange.
  • Mark and Tina are people people.
We can use "not a people person" to show that we are shy or not good at dealing with people.
  • My brother is a people person, but I am not a people person. I prefer to be alone.
Example English Conversation

A) What is your brother like?
B) He is a people person. That is why he is such a great salesman.

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