Pig out

Most Important Level 4

"to pig out" / "to pig out on something"

Meaning: to eat a lot

Similar Expressions
  • We pigged out pizza and chips.
  • We ate a lot of pizza and chips.
  • We ate so much pizza and chips.
  • We ate way too much pizza and chips.
When do we use it?

We use this slang expression when we want to emphasize how much we eat. Basically, we are saying that we eat like a pig.

How do we use it?

In this expression, "pig" is actually a verb. So, we just use it like any other verb.
  • Let's pig out.
  • I am going to pig out after this.
We can use "pig out on + (type of food)".
  • I just finished my test. I want to pig out on snacks.
  • After the game, I'm going to pig out on Mexican food.
  • I follow a strict diet, but every Saturday I pig out on whatever I want.
Example English Conversations

A) What did you do last weekend?
B) Nothing really. I just stayed home and pigged out on snacks.

A) How do you stay so skinny?
B) I always try to eat healthy.
A) I can't do that. I can't help pigging out on candy.
B) Sometimes, I pig out on pizza, too. But, I try to only do it once a month.

A) Let's stay home, watch a movie, and pig out on ice cream and popcorn.
B) That sounds great to me.

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