Most Important Level 3

"to be a procrastinator"

Meaning: a person who keeps delaying things that must be done

Similar Expressions
  • She is a procrastinator.
  • She usually procrastinates.
  • She usually waits until the last minute to do her work.
  • She always puts off her work until the last minute.
When do we use it?

We use this word to describe a person who always waits until the last minute to do something or a person who always keep delaying work. Procrastinators always say, "I will do it tomorrow." And then the next day, they again say, "I will do it tomorrow."

Since this word is talking about work, it is often used at the office or school.
  • The teacher told the student not to be a procrastinator.
We can also use it in our daily life if we keep putting off a task.
  • I keep putting off cleaning my room. I am a procrastinator.
How do we use it?

This word is used after a "be verb" or in any way that a noun can be used.
  • He is a procrastinator.
  • She is such a procrastinator.
  • Working with a procrastinator is not easy.
Example English Conversations

A) Are you a procrastinator?
B) No, I am not a procrastinator. I like to get things done early. If I wait until the last minute, then I get worried and stressed.

A) Are you a procrastinator?
B) At work, I am not a procrastinator, but at home, I am a big procrastinator.

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