Pull yourself together

Most Important Level 1

"to pull oneself together"

Meaning: to become calm and behave normally after being upset or angry; to start behaving appropriately

When do we use it?

We use this when somebody has lost control of their emotions. They are extremely angry, sad, excited, etc. This expression tells the person to calm down or to start behaving in an appropriate way.

How do we use it?

Remember that the subject and reflexive pronoun must match (he/himself, you/yourself, they/themselves, etc.).

This expression is often used as a command.
  • Pull yourself together.
We can also use it in short simple sentences.
  • He needs to pull himself together.
  • She needs to pull herself together.
  • I must pull myself together.
  • You need to calm down and pull yourself together.
Example English Conversations

A) Jasmine is out of control these days. She is drinking every day.
B) I know. She really needs to pull herself together.

A) Stop crying, man! Pull yourself together!
A) Okay. You are right. I'm sorry. I'll pull myself together.

A) She is so angry. I don't think she can control herself.
B) You're right. She needs to pull herself together.

A) You cannot be emotional when you meet our customers. You need to pull yourself together before the meeting.
B) Okay. I will. Just give me a few minutes to calm down.

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