Puppy love

Most Important Level 5

"puppy love" / "to be puppy love" / "to be in puppy love"

Meaning: love, infatuation, or romantic feelings between two very young people

Similar Expressions
  • It is puppy love.
  • It is just a crush.
When do we use it?

We consider "puppy love" to be different than "love". Puppy love is between two very young people who do not really know what love is yet. These romantic feelings are new to them.

However, to the young people, it feels feel. So, the term "puppy love" is generally used by older people when watching very young people who are in love. The older people think that it is not true love and that the relationship will not last long, but it is still cute.

How do we use it?

This term is a noun and we can use it just like any other noun.
  • Do you think it is real love or puppy love?
  • They are too young to be in love. It is just puppy love.
We can use the phrase "to be in love", so we can also use "to be in puppy love".
  • Look at those two kids. They are in puppy love. It is so cute.
It is also common to use "puppy love" by itself when commenting on a situation.

A) My 12-year old son has his first girlfriend.
B) How cute! Puppy love.

Example English Conversation

A) Look at those two kids. They are in puppy love.
B) Do you think it is puppy love or real love? Everybody said we were in puppy love when we were young, but now we have been married for 40 years.
A) I think puppy love can turn into true love. Right now, they are so young, so its puppy love.

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