Most Important Level 3

"to be a pushover" / "What a pushover!"

Meaning: a person who is easily persuaded or influenced

Similar Expressions
  • He is easily persuaded.
  • He is a fool.
  • He is mentally weak.
  • He can be influenced easily.
  • He is not hard to persuade.
When do we use it?

We use this to describe a person who is kind of weak when it comes to their ideas and positions. This kind of person can easily be persuaded or influenced by other people.

We can also use this word to talk about how a person behaves with a specific person, not their general character.
  • He is a pushover for his daughter, but he is not a pushover for his son.
How do we use it?

We usually use this word after a "be verb".
  • Mark is a pushover.
  • Tina is a big pushover.
These sentences are also common.
  • He is such a pushover.
  • What a pushover.
Example English Conversation

A) I love my job because my boss is such a pushover.
B) What do you mean?
A) I can persuade him to do anything. I have so much power. Last week, he wanted us to work late to finish a report, but I easily persuaded him that it was a bad idea.
B) I guess that if your boss is a pushover, then your life is easier.

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