Scared to death

Most Important Level 4

"to be scared to death" / "to be scared to death of"

Meaning: to be very scared

Similar Expressions
  • I was scared to death.
  • I was very scared.
  • I was extremely scared.
  • I was terrified.
When do we use it?

This expression is used to emphasize and show that a person is very scared. We can simply use this expression instead of "scared" or "scared of".
  • I am scared of spiders.
  • I am scared to death of spiders.
How do we use it?

Since "scared" is an adjective, we use this expression after a "be verb". We can use it in different verb tenses. We can use "scared to death of + noun/gerund" after this expression.
  • I am scared to death of him.
  • I was scared to death of dogs when I was young.
  • The little girl is scared to death of sleeping in the dark.
  • The children will be scared to death of your Halloween costume.
Example English Conversations

A) Do you want to go bungee jumping with me next weekend?
B) No way! I am scared to death of heights.

A) Let's go scuba diving.
B) No way. I am scared to death of sharks.
A) I don't think there are any sharks there.
B) I still don't want to go. I'm just scared to death of the ocean.

A) She is scared to death because of her test.
B) She worries too much.

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