See eye to eye

Most Important Level 1

"to see eye to eye…" / "to see eye to eye with someone…"

Meaning: to agree with each other; to have the same opinion as another person or people

Similar Expressions
  • We see eye to eye about this issue.
  • We agree with each other about this issue.
  • We have the same opinion about this issue.
When do we use it?

This expression is just a different way to say that two or people agree. We can use it any time two or more people agree.

How do we use it?

We can use this expression with different subjects. But remember that this expression can only be used when there are at least two people that agree.
  • We see eye to eye on everything.
  • I see eye to see with Tim on everything.
  • Greg sees eye to see with Mark about this issue.
  • Greg and Mark see eye to eye about this issue.
  • I see eye to eye with everyone else about what we need to do.
We cannot use this expression when there is only one person in the sentence.
  • Do you see eye to eye?
  • Do you see eye to eye with Mark?
  • I see eye to eye with that opinion.
  • I see eye to eye with you about that opinion.
Example English Conversations

A) Do you and your wife ever argue about your child's education?
B) No. We see eye to eye about our child's education.

A) Mark says that we need to spend more money on advertising. Do you agree?
B) Yes. I see eye to eye with Mark on this point. If we are going to compete in this market then we need to be more aggressive.

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