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"I'm starving." / "I'm starving for…"

Meaning: to be very hungry

Similar Expressions
  • I'm starving.
  • I'm very hungry.
  • I'm famished.
When do we use it?

The real meaning of "to starve" means to die from not having enough food. If you use "to starve" in the past tense or use the phrase "starve to death", then this expresses that the person or animal died from lack of food.
  • The wolves starved in winter because there wasn't enough food.
  • It is our organization's goal that nobody in the world will ever starve to death again.
However, this expression is also used in a less serious and a less sad way. We use it to exaggerate and emphasize that we are hungry. It does not actually mean that we or somebody is dying.
  • I'm starving. Do we have anything to eat in the refrigerator?
How do we use it?

When we use this expression to emphasize that we are hungry, then we usually use it in the present continuous form or past continuous form.
  • I'm starving. Let's get some dinner.
  • She was starving, so she went to lunch early.
Example English Conversations

A) I'm starving. Do you have any snacks in your desk?
B) Nope. Sorry.

A) I'm starving. Are you starving too?
B) Yes, I am starving. Do you want to get some fried chicken?
A) Fried chicken sounds good. Let's go. My stomach is growling!

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