To make matters worse

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"To make matters worse…"

Meaning: used to say that something has made a bad or difficult situation even worse

Similar Expressions
  • To make matters worse, it started to rain.
  • On top of that, it started to rain.
  • It was already bad, but then it started to rain.
  • Also, it started to rain.
When do we use it?

We use this when something or some event causes an already bad situation to become even worse. Basically, a situation goes from being bad to being terrible. This expression does not add new information. It just adds feeling and emotion to our language.
  • My car broke down. It started to rain.
  • My car broke down. To make matters worse, it started to rain.
How do we use it?

We use this phrase at the beginning of a sentence that tells what thing or event made or is making a situation worse.
  • To make matters worse, our best salesman quit a week before our big sales presentation.
Example English Conversations

A) I forgot my wife's birthday yesterday.
B) That's not good.
A) To make matters worse, I went out last night drinking with my friends.

A) I wasn't prepared for the meeting at work today. And to make matters worse, the CEO actually came to the meeting. I looked really bad.
B) That is unlucky.

A) We couldn't find a hotel in the city. To make matters worse, all the plane tickets were sold out, so we had to take a bus.
B) That is too bad.

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