Most Important Level 1

"to be useless" / "to be a useless person"

Meaning: to have no use; to not be helpful

Similar Expressions
  • He is useless.
  • He can't do anything right.
  • He is no help at all.
  • He doesn't do anything.
When do we use it?

We usually use the word "useless" to describe a machine or thing that we think does nothing.

However, we can also use this word to describe a person who we think does not do any work or does not contribute to something in a productive way. Obviously, this is not a nice thing to say about somebody and we usually use this word when we are angry or disappointed in someone's behavior or performance.

How do we use it?

We use this adjective after a "be verb" to describe a person.
  • He is useless.
  • You are a useless person.
This expression is usually followed by an explanation.
  • He is useless. All he does is sit at his desk and surf the internet.
  • She is useless. She just talks on the phone to her friends and doesn't do any work.
Example English Conversations

A) Why does Ben work here? He doesn't do anything.
B) I know. He is useless.
A) Then, why doesn't the company fire him?
B) Because his uncle is the vice-president.

A) I'm sorry honey, but I forgot to buy milk.
B) You are useless.

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