Viral video

Most Important Level 1

"to be a viral video" / "a viral video"

Meaning: a very popular video on the internet that has been shared and seen by many people

Similar Expressions
  • We want to make a viral video.
  • We want to make a video that becomes popular on the internet.
  • We want to make a video that becomes an internet sensation.
When do we use it?

"Viral" was originally used to describe a disease or illness that spread quickly from person to person.

Now, we can also use "viral" to talk about things that are becoming popular and spreading. The most common phrase used is "viral video", but we can also use it with other words. Here are just some examples.
  • a viral headline
  • a viral meme
  • a viral tweet
  • viral marketing
  • viral content
How do we use it?

"Viral" is an adjective and we often use it before a noun.
  • Have you seen the new viral video?
  • Why is this a viral video?
  • There are many viral videos these days.
  • There is a new viral video every day.
Example English Conversation

A) I love watching viral videos.
B) Why? They are always so stupid.
A) They are not stupid. They are viral videos for a reason.
B) What do you mean?
A) I mean that there is a reason that so many people like them.

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