You can say that again.

Most Important Level 2

"You can say that again."

Meaning: I completely agree

When do we use it?

Simply, we can use this sentence any time that we completely agree with something a person or group says.

Some similar sentences would be:
  • I completely agree.
  • I couldn't agree more.
  • I agree with you 100%.
How do we use it?

This sentence is almost always used on its own. We can use it to agree with good things or bad things. Take a look at these example English conversations.

A) This is the best show on TV.
B) You can say that again.

A) Taxes are too high.
B) You can say that again.

A) English grammar is annoying.
B) You can say that again!

A) We need a better education system for our children.
B) You can say that again.

A) Climate change is the most important issue facing humanity today.
B) You can say that again!

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